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What Do We Need To Offer To Get This House Or The Art Of Making And Aggressive Offer

'First, I won't qualify the aforementioned buyer as in or ex perienced...this is because the real estate market is dynamic and the fluctuations in price and inventory makes prior 

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New Orleans Historic area homes are REALLY selling

I just looked sat the statistics for 3 bd 2 bath homes in  the Uptown/Garden District of New Orleans and am amazed. The median days on the market for the last 3 months is 36 days and the

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Market Statistics in New Orleans Historic Areas

New Orleans Historic Areas are doing amazingly well.  Just printed the statistics for sales of 3 bed 2 bath homes in excellent and very good condition to see what has been happening for the

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Absorption Rate in Historic New Orleans

It is absolutely amazing! The apsorption rate in the Historic area of New Orleans for the last 12 months is 3.1.  That is  strong sellers!!!

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New Orleans La housing market

Hello everyone,   I trust you are all now in full Mardi Gras / Super Bowl spirit after festive Holidays in New Orleans   I haven't reported the statistics lately so thought I would start

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